A language plan is required on all devices capable of speaking, unless this is expressly specified under the terms of your plan. References to „DIRECTV,” „You” and „we” include our subsidiaries, agents, employees, lead-ups, successors and transfer recipients, as well as all authorized or unauthorized users or beneficiaries of services or devices under such previous agreements or agreements between us. Notwithstanding the above, any party may bring an individualized action before a small claims court. This arbitration agreement does not prevent you from attracting the attention of federal, regional or local authorities, including, for example, the Federal Communications Commission. Such agencies may, if the law permits, request on your behalf a discharge against us. You assume that, by entering into this agreement, you and DIRECTV waive a jury tribunal or a group action or participation in a group action. This agreement proves that this is a transaction in intergovernmental trade and that, therefore, the federal arbitration law regulates the interpretation and application of this provision. This arbitration provision applies to the termination of this agreement. 2. A party intending to seek arbitration must first send a written declaration of dispute resolution („notification” to the other by authenticated mail. The communication to DIRECTV should be addressed to: DIRECTV LLC, Consumer Arbitration Demand, P.O.

Box 915, El Segundo, CA, 90245 („Notice Address”). The publication must: (a) describe the nature and basis of the claim or dispute; and (b) to indicate the specific discharge requested („request”). If you and DIRECTV fail to reach a claim settlement agreement within 30 days of receiving the notification, you or DIRECTV can initiate arbitration proceedings. During the arbitration process, the amount of an offer to settle directV or yourself will not be transferred to the arbitrator until the arbitrator has determined the amount to which you or DIRECTV are entitled. You can download or copy a form and an arbitration form directv.com/arbitration-forms. (3) Once you have commenced arbitration proceedings, DIRECTV will immediately refund your payment of the deposit tax, unless your fee is greater than USD 75,000. (The deposit tax is currently $200 for claims under $10,000, but can be changed by the arbitration provider. If you are unable to pay this tax, DIRECTV will pay them directly after receiving a written request at the notification address.) Arbitration is subject to the American Arbitration Association`s „AAA Rules” as amended by this agreement and is managed by the AAA.