If you sign your rental agreement, you will be informed of the additional costs that go beyond your rent. Depending on the type and location of your home, you may have to pay for heating, lighting, cooking and hot water. 1. Has anything changed for me? No no. You will receive the same local services provided by the same friendly faces. Things are a little different now, with a new name and a new image. For example, the site is called ForHousing. Employees you are dealing with may have a different email address @forhousing. We always strive to involve you in the verification and design of our services. 2.

Has my lease or lease changed? No no. You don`t have to do anything else and you don`t need a new lease. 3. Do I pay the same rent? They don`t pay more or less because of the move to ForHousing. 4. How can I pay my rent and other expenses? Please continue to make payments as you do now, even if you pay online or via an app, the name just changed in ForHousing. The easiest way to pay rent and other regular payments is to set up a direct debit. If you already pay by debit, we will make any necessary changes.

You have nothing else to do. If you pay with an Allpay card, please use your current card until you have received a new forHousing mark. If you pay by check, you have to pay this to ForHousing. If you pay with a permanent order or other method, we will contact you separately and let you know what you need to do. The easiest way to manage your rent is via the MyAccount mobile app. It`s the quickest way to contact us, report and track repairs – and much more. Search for „MyAccount” on the Apple App Store or Play Store on your downloadable mobile device. 5. How can I save a repair? You can save repairs the same way you do now.

If you use the site, you have to go to www.forhousing.co.uk. 6. Have I retained my right to sell, my respected right to sell or the right to acquire? Yes, you kept the right if you had the right. There are a few exceptions that continue to apply. Safe rentals do not have a deadline and you are normally allowed to stay in your home for as long as you like. However, these leases can sometimes be terminated by the lessor with a court order if, for example, you have not complied with the terms of the tenancy agreement. We hope you agree that this is fair. If you do not meet your obligations, you may violate your rental agreement and may lose your home. Court proceedings will always be a last resort, and before we take this step, we would work with you to try to resolve any problems. The rental property is simply a long lease that gives you, the tenant, the right to occupy and use a property for a long period of time, known as the „term” of the lease. We set rent for each property and you are responsible for paying your rent.

We help you get all the assistance you need, but if you have problems and have trouble paying, it is important to contact your housing agent as soon as possible to explain the situation.