Please note that failure to meet the deadlines set out in the corresponding collective agreement is a violation of the collective agreement. Under current collective agreements, transfers must be received monthly in our office on the 15th of the following month. That is, a transfer of several hours for the work done in September must be obtained in our office on or before October 15. The exception to this due date is that IIF transfers for Mainland Insulator Local 116 and Roofer Local 409 must be received in our office by the 10th of the following month. This site is dedicated to the exchange of information for Local 83 nurses and for the improvement of nurses everywhere. No, transfers for multiple trades or funds cannot be combined with a single cheque. If your business is inactive in a particular sector (i.e. dismantling) or is not expected to work in a specific professional sector for an indeterminate period, please request a rest time (for that trade) by filling out the validity date (months and year) in the space shown on the corresponding IIF transfer form. To avoid the offender, please take the time to prepare and send your transfer so that it arrives in time in our office.

All IIF transfers must be sent directly to our office with headquarters: What is a complaint? A complaint arises from a difference between the parties (employer and member/union) regarding the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of the collective agreement, including whether a case is admissible. If you have any further questions, please contact your site representative first. If you have not received a copy of a new IIF transfer form that your company needs, please download the new form in the „Forms” section of our website, No, please don`t change sentences on IIF forms, as this can lead to errors in the DerI transfer. The IIF forms available for download on our website are always the current version of the form and show the correct calculation method. If you have downloaded the latest version and still have doubts about prices, please contact our office. Where can I download IIF forms that we can use for our business? Please contact Andrea Cashman, Vice BUP – PRC Rep for information on filling out the form. Andrea can, on request, put the PRC unit to work. 613-731-1314 ext 224 Subject: Recent Change in Remittances for Industry Improvement For Roofer 409, Sheet Metal 409 and Sheeter Decker 409, please list each employee with their total hours for the month. If there is not enough space on the appropriate IIF form for all your employees, please use additional forms.

. IIF transfers for Elevator 125, Sprinkler 56 and Mainland Operating Engineer 721 have not changed. Please continue to use the forms used by your company. These forms are available in the „Forms” section of our website to download, Can a cheque be issued for transfers for several trades? 1. The total IIF rate and the taxable amount of HST have changed or IIF transfers have changed for all the following unions: there are two collective agreements applicable to NRO members: 260 Brownlow Avenue, Unit 1, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1V9. Our company pays for more than one union. Keep a copy of the completed transfer form for your files and return a copy with your transfer directly to our office. The EU has made available to our company a form containing remittances for different types of funds, including the Industry Improvement Fund.