Select Alternative 2 if the agreement is with a current employee. To ensure that the agreement is legally binding, the employee should receive some value on the normal salary and benefits for signing – for example. B, cash, extra leave, stock options or other benefits. Include the compensation to be paid. It does not need to be substantial. For example, several additional days off per year should do so. California Law Establishes Trade Secret Ownership. California is unique in that its laws explicitly state that the employer has trade secrets created by a worker. (Cal.

Code of Labor art. 2860). However, an employer in California would not have any trade secrets created at the time of an employee without using equipment. Although the law does not impose a contract, it is a good idea to emphasize your position in California using a written agreement. LawDepot`s confidentiality agreement allows you to set the timing of confidentiality, non-request and non-compete clauses. However, for your document to be enforceable, the timelines and impact of the clauses on the parties involved must be fair and reasonable. (c) information about company personnel, including salaries, strengths, weaknesses and skills; Note that the name of the document may depend on the industry in which the agreement is used. Select Option 1 if a new employee signs the agreement. (b) entity information, including cost information, profits, sales information, unpublished accounting and financial information, business plans, markets and marketing methods, customer listings and information, purchasing techniques, vendor lists and vendor information and promotion strategies; Another privacy consideration in accounting relates to the use of accounting software and related products.

Accountants and managers often interact with providers of these solutions. Becky Roberts states in her Tech Republic article, „Should a technology follow an order to violate a confidentiality agreement?”, some problems that may arise.